“A holistic massage can make all the energy flow through your body again!”

For even more relaxation I use warm oil for my massages. I give my full attention during my treatments, so you can totally let go of all your stress for a moment. Besides a good diet and enough exercise, healing massages can contribute to a healthy life style.

My holistic massage is a combination of Thai Relax Massage (a firm relaxing massage that loosens knots.), Lomilomi Massage Maui Style (a soft relaxing massage with vibrations and at the end of the massage all toxins will be released by the use of bamboo sticks.), Lomilomi Massage Oahu Style (a soft relaxing massage with strokes and shells that will help you get rid of negative energies.), Shiatsu (a japanes pressure point massage.), Deep Tissue Massage (a firm massage to balance the body through slow deep massage technics, tools of deerantler or rosequartz can treat pressure points on the back and around the shoulder blades.)

 A holistic massage is usually booked for 60 or 90 minutes.

It’s also possible to book a massage of 30 minutes with me, for example a chinese head massage, a foot massage, a back, neck, schoulder massage or a Shiatsu Chair Massage.

I also give Hotstone massage (The stones that I use for a hotstone massage are vulcanic stones from Hawaii. For centuries hotstones are being used because of their healing powers. In India, Asia, by the native americans and in Hawaii the hotstones were used to stimulate digestion and organs, to relieve pain and stimulate the energy flow, to restore the balance between body and mind, to detox the body and to stimulate blood circulation. The massage contains of strokes and circular movements; 1 stroke with a hotstone equals 5 strokes with hands. To stimulate the blood circulation even more I use 1 coldstone with the hotstones.) ,Pregnancy massage (Through a pregnancy massage you can unwind and feel a relief of possible discomforts. It stimulates the blood circulation and lymphatic system, it calmes muscles, it can help if you have trouble sleeping and it stimulates the contact and connection with your baby. I use a pregnancy pillow during this massage so you can lie on your side and totally relax.) and Chi Nei Tsang Detox Abdominal Massage a massage that can help you get rid of negative energy stored in organ pressure points.

Massage for kids or teenagers i give with massageballs over the clothes.

A Shiatsu Chair Massage = €15,- for 15 min.

massage foto

For more information or to book a massage you can contact me by email or Phone.